YOUR CONSULTANT IS Martha Joy Richardson

My Story

I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life! My husband Rob has begun teaching a DSU and so we have all relocated to Madison! This is a huge change for us, but Scentsy will make the transition easier and we are looking forward to meeting so many new friends. My youngest is 9 and he will joining us on this adventure. I would love to be your new Scentsy consultant or just business partner in this amazing journey :)

I began my journey in 2012 with Scentsy as Kit-napper, which means I signed up for the product and NOT to sell. Once I opened the kit my whole opinion about Scentsy changed! I fell in love, now I know many people tell you they "love" their product and I am sure they do...I just know that I LOVE Scentsy as a whole. My mind set changed instantly I knew I found my niche in the Direct Sales world I have been in for the past 8 years...I am finally HOME 

Scentsy is perfect for my life style because I flow along the core values of the company; Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity. Scentsy FITS into my life and I am proud to tell the world that I am a Scentsy Lifer.

My amazing team is growing every day and we would LOVE to have you part of our family! The people I have met while being a Scentsy Consultant have changed my life and I would love to help you find the perfect fit within our group. Choosing your sponsor is your first critical step in a successful start! Ready to begin your journey? Send me an email or text and I would love to connect you with THE BEST sponsor for your journey!

Thank you again for taking time to read my humble story and weather your join, host or buy from me or any of my team, you are a valuable part to our future!

Martha Joy


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